Nature’s Magical Photography by Jaxs

Creative Images by Jaxs and Kim has a new look and is now Nature’s Magical Photography by Jaxs.

Jaxs continues with photography while Kim has decided to expand her talents in making jewelry. 

Kim can be found on Facebook at Cutie Pengu’s Beaded Jewelry 

Jaxs can be found on Fine Art America

Some links in older post do not work and go to pages that are not found.

Jaxs and Kim hope that all of their followers continue to journey with them bringing new adventures and products for all to enjoy.

Love and Hugs

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The Rescue of Sophie’s Family

Jaxs and Kim have started a fundraiser for Sophie and her family, it is called “The Rescue of Sophie and Her Family Fund”. We are not asking for a specific amount. This area of the page has been left blank purposely, so that you could fill it in yourself. We feel that if someone wants to donate to the cause, then it should be their decision as to
how much they want to donate, not ours.

Keep in mind that no donation is too small.

Below is all the details about why we are starting this fund, and where all the money will be going. We will also be updating my site on YouTube on a daily basis, and those of you who wish to keep up with us, can either let me know by emailing me back or by subscribing to Kim’s YouTube thread. Also, please feel free to share this story with your family and friends that you think would like to help out or just learn how to help a feral cat in your neighborhood.


And now, on with the reason for the fund….


For those of you that don’t know what this is or who Sophie is, here are some details.

Sophie is the baby of a feral cat that has been around here since last August.

When Momma Cat first came around, she was skinny, very scrawny and very hungry. She was hungry enough to eat bread that was put out for the birds, and that my animal loving friends is desperately hungry. So we began to put cat food out for her twice a day. Every morning and evening she would show up and have a meal with fresh cool water left out for her.

As the days passed by she brought her first litter over for food on Christmas Day. We named them Tanner and Goldie (some pictures of all of them to follow, along with the first link to the videos in the Rescue of Sophie and her family series). There was a third kitten that came with Goldie and Tanner, but we only saw it three times and we never saw that kitty again. We are sure that one of the neighbors got rid of it because it was probably a girl.

Since we started taking care of Goldie, Tanner, and Momma Cat, only Tanner and Goldie have allowed us to actually get close enough to them to pet and hold them.

Near the end of April of this year, Momma Cat showed us her second litter of 4 babies. When we seen them, they were about a month old already. The 2 older boys, Tanner and Goldie babysat for mom while she went out looking for food and coming over here to eat. When the babies were big enough to climb the tree that is next to the fence, to be able to get to the food dish that we had out there for the bigger cats, we started putting a smaller dish on the ground for them.

About 3 weeks ago, on a Monday morning, we went out to feed the kittens, Goldie, Tanner, and mom. What we saw was Sophie thrashing around hurt. I threw an old shirt over her, brought her in the house, and have been taking care of her since.

We started giving her ZeoForce, as Jaxs thought she may have been poisoned. This seems to have been the case, as she has gotten much better since we started her on it. When we first found her, she couldn’t even lift her head up to drink any water. We had to feed and water her with an eyedropper for her to get nutrition. She was the very first of the kittens, or the leader, to come into the yard and actually eat. All of the rest of the babies followed her.

Since she has been gone, Fluffy has taken over her spot. We are not sure right now if the other 3 are female or male, but will find out soon.

We have the help of a friend of Jaxs’ from the Washington DC area that is helping with the cost of getting all 7 of the cats/kittens spayed/neutered, their shots, and checked for feline leukemia/aids.

We now have appointments for the 4 babies for next week Tuesday, and for the older boys the following Tuesday. They will all have papers, their rabies tags, their ear tipped so that they won’t be killed by animal control, and tested as Momma was yesterday.

All this fund is for, is the help in being able to get their food and necessities, on top of what Jaxs’ friend is paying for.

Jaxs and Kim both appreciate all of the help that his friend is giving us, and wish that there were some way to show her our appreciation for it. We feel that by doing the fund for the cats is the best way to show her that we intend to keep up with their care.

In the back yard, where the Momma Cat, Goldie, Tanner, and the 3 babies are, we have what started out as a chicken coop. After Sophie was poisoned, we turned it into a Cat Playpen (will put pictures of it as well here). The playpen is 7′ wide x 10′ long x 6′ high in the front x 4′ high in the back, and the reason for the front being higher than the back is that we put a partial second floor in for them to play around. They have toys, watering dishes, and food dishes along with plants and a couple of places to lay on carpet all inside the playpen. On the back part there are 2 pieces of plywood for them to lay on when they are not inside the playpen. Right now, until Momma has healed from her surgery, the two older boys are outside of the playpen, but stick very close to it. On the very top of the playpen is a sheet covering the chicken wire, and Goldie and Tanner just love to sleep up there and get the breezes from the tree above them.

When it comes to animal rescue, Jaxs is no stranger to it. He started at age 5, and has done this for 47 years. He intends to follow through with these cats as he did once with a Cormorant, that I took part with, whose videos are also on my YouTube pages.

By doing this, we are literally saving the lives of these 7 cats. We are giving them a safe place to come to with food, shelter, and toys that they can enjoy. Six of the 7 will be released back into the outdoors once they are healed, but Sophie will remain a house cat now. She has adjusted to this very well, though she still has what I call “bobble head” syndrome from being poisoned. You can see better what I mean about the bobble head syndrome when watching the videos of her.

Now, here is a list of images of all of the cats, and the link to the very first video of Sophie.

This first picture is of Sophie, and the reason for what we are doing with all 7 of the

This is Goldie and Tanner in the pen, and also shows the 2 tiers in the front of

This next picture is of Momma Cat after her surgerycat-MommaAfterSurgery1

This next one is of Darkie, renamed to Streak as we felt it was more appropriate for her/him, as it runs like a streak of lightning when you come near

This next one is of Fluffy, the one that took over leadership after Sophie was

And last but not least, we have Tiger

These next two pictures are of the playpen itself, so you can see just how big it actually is.

And finally, the link to the very first video in the series of our rescue mission.

SOPHIE Continue reading

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Unusual day for a white grub

Today I was greeted by white grub making his way across my driveway.

How unusual it is to see a grub in the middle of the day making his way across a driveway. Grubs live underground and feed on the roots of grass, weeds, ornamentals and a few other kinds of plants. 

The White Grub is the larvae of the “June Beetle”. There are over a hundred different kinds if  “June Beetles”. 

When there is a heavy infestation of grubs you will find it certainly will attract raccoons, skunks, armadillos, opossums, crows, ibis, and other birds, which make holes in the lawn and garden to feed on the grubs.

This is the largest grub I have ever seen. This guy measured almost 5 inches in length. I am surprised he wasn’t lunch for one of the many birds that hang out around our house.

 Creative Images by Jaxs and Kim

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Having fun with video

I have recently had the chance to play around with editing suites making some video’s. 

I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

To see more stop by and visit us. Enjoy your day!

Creative Images by Jaxs and Kim

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Learning is fun with “The Mystery Rangers” by author Kim G. Jones

Hey kids, parents, grandparents and teachers; Jaxs and Kim have a new friend and her name is Kim G. Jones

Kim G. Jones loves adventure, nature and teaching. She lived the adventure of a National Park Ranger at the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area in Washington. Ranger Kim takes us to The secret view an astounding 360 degree look at what the Mystery Rangers could have seen at the top.  Scroll on the picture to look around! CAREFUL! Don’t get dizzy and fall in!  It’s a LONG way down!

Kim G. Jones has started this really cool hands-on and fun-filled activities in her first book “Mystery Rangers: The Case of the Missing Mountain!”

Kim has a passion for teaching children about God’s creation through hands on activities and games. Her love for God and enthusiasm are contagious. Some of the best teachers are the ones that put the fun into learning and Kim certainly does that. 

Kim also has written scripts for a radio show of “The Mystery Rangers”

“I wrote these episodes to help show kids how exciting and fun it is to learn about God’s Creation,” said script author Kim Jones. “We are new at this and still have lots to learn, but I think kids will have a ‘blast’ listening to the shows!”

Now Ranger Kim makes it possible for you to have fun exploring the mysteries of nature and creation with your children. This is a great way to spend quality time with your children and become an official “Mystery Ranger”. Maybe Ranger Kim will start a “Mystery Ranger” fan club. That would be so cool!

Click here for more cool stuff and updates of the “The Mystery Rangers”

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Cattails are Incredible

The cattail has to be the most useful plant known to North America. For the outdoors person it is a gold mine. This plant has utility uses, medicinal and is a food source.

Cattails can be identified by their long cylindrical brown seed heads. It looks like grass. Their is a variety that looks just like the cattail but it is poisonous. As with all edible plants positive identification will keep you out of harms way.

As a food cattails offer an outstanding variety. They can be used in salads, eaten raw, used in stews, both the male and female spikes can be boiled and taste very similar to corn. Flour can be made from these plants.The Native Americans would boil the roots to make a syrup which was used to sweeten up their recipes. 

The medicinal uses of the cattail include antiseptic for wounds, cuts, burns, bruises and toothaches.

 As an utility hats, chairs, insulation for jackets, shelter building materials, and a host of other uses have been done and used for centuries.

Cattails provide food and nesting area’s for birds and wildlife. Birds use the white fluff from the brown cylinder seed to soften their nests with. 

For more on the cattail Jaxs and Kim recommend you read The Incredible Cattail “The Super Wal-Mart of the Swamp” by Kevin F. Duffy

Creative Images by Jaxs and Kim

Cattails grow along the edges of lakes, ponds and rivers in Florida.

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“Love Stinks” Pepe Le Pew & Penelope

Pepe Le Pew is a fictional character created by Chuck Jones. Chuck Jones first introduced the character (originally named Stinky) in the 1945 short Odor-Able Kitty.

Pepe is a French skunk that strolls around Paris looking for love. Pepe is always in pursuit of what appears to be female skunk. She is a black cat with a strip of white paint accidentally painted down her back and is now being aggressively pursued by an amorous Pepe Le Pew. Her name is Penelope Pussycat.

Pepe Le Pew is quite the “Ladies” man not shy at all with the girls. He does have an odor problem and is never aware of it. 

Jaxs and Kim have a lot in common with Pepe Le Pew and Penelope.

Kim will tell you that Jaxs has a lot in common with Pepe. He loves the ladies and is never aware of his odor especially after working around the yard.

Jaxs says that Kim is like Penelope. One Squeakey Cat with bad odors…LOL

To embrace their relationship and the fun they have Jaxs did a farmville design of Pepe Le Pew & Penelope. 

Thank you Chuck Jones (1912-2002).Your memory and creation live on.

Creative Images by Jaxs and Kim 


Rose for you Sweetie

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Farmville Art by Jaxs

Jaxs loves to to share his love for art with the designs he does on the Zynga game Farmville.

He has the kind of creativity to turn a farming game into a digital art experience. A gift for drawing since childhood to painting wall murals as an adult, Jaxs takes his imagination to the world of games. 

When asked by his farmville friends “How do you do that?” Jaxs simply replies “One piece at a time”. Jaxs compares it to putting together a 5000 piece puzzle.

There are all kinds of things that can be used to eventually result in an image. Things like hay bales, pigs, sheep, horses, trees, umbrellas, hedges, and much more. All it takes is a big imagination and a lot of patience. 

Jaxs has done Chilly Willy, Tom & Jerry, Sponge Bob, Princess, Curious George and Moses the Jack Russell Terrier. Moses is Jaxs and Kim’s big dog in a little body. 

Jaxs loves playing the game because he can do his art work to put smiles on people’s faces. 

Will there be more designs to come? 

Jaxs says yes. In the near future there will be Pepe Le Pew and Penelope and Tigger.

Creative Images by Jaxs and Kim/Jaxs Farmville Art

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Kodak helping other’s to achieve their dreams

Looking behind the scene’s of Creative Images by Jaxs and Kim and the pictures that you see. Jaxs and Kim use Kodak camera’s and paper. Kodak has long been a favorite. The quality of prints and the ease of using a camera is the reality of a dream that George Eastman had back in the late 1880″s. A dream that has enabled so many other’s to fulfill their dreams. From the family photo album to business presentations and film Kodak has been there.

Jaxs and Kim use Kodak camera’s to bring you professional quality picture’s printed on Kodak paper. Jax’s remembers his mother telling him in the early !970’s that it’s not the price of a camera that makes the picture. It’s the person that is taking the picture that makes a great photo. 

Jaxs set out with his instamatic camera with 110 film and practiced taking pictures. Having a creative eye Jaxs soon found a new way to express his artistic talents. 

To take a great picture Jaxs had to learn a few things. Having a love for science Jaxs learned lighting in a high school physics class. What he learned took his artistic talents to a new level. What your eye’s see and what the eye of the camera see’s are very different. Once you have an understanding of that you are one step closer to taking great picture’s. Each color has a wavelength. Our eyes do not pick up as many wavelengths as the eye of the camera does. To demonstrate this take a picture of a friend wearing a white tee shirt (standing under a shade tree} in the early morning and then again at high noon. Compare the difference’s. 

Kim started using Kodak camera’s in the !990’s. Her first camera was a Kodak Brownie Starflash that used 127 mm film. The camera belonged to her mother that had died from uterine cancer when Kim was only six years old.

Finding film for the camera was not a problem. Getting someone to develop the film was a problem. The camera was stolen so Kim then purchased a Kodak 110 and later on started using the Kodak Easy Share Camera. Kim loves taking pictures especially of clouds. It wasn’t until 2009 that Kim began to learn more about technique in taking pictures from Jaxs. 

The introduction of digital technology has taken camera’s to a whole new level. Kodak has kept it’s founder George Eastman’s dream alive with it’s continuing research and development of camera’s. Digital camera’s have a bandwidth of up to 750nm. In other word’s the digital camera sensors have the ability to pick up some infared and ultraviolet rays. When used properly great pictures are the end result. 

Jaxs and Kim thank the Eastman Kodak Company for keeping the dream alive!

Creative Images By Jaxs and Kim

Scenic ponds

One of many scenic ponds in Florida. Good for fishing and bird watching. Alligators, snakes and other wildlife can be found in swampy areas like this

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Students learn flowers from around the world on twitter

We see flowers all the time but we never give much thought to the name of those flowers. They are woven into our lives and surroundings. Jaxs and Kim owners of Creative Images by Jaxs and Kim started a photo gallery Flowers of all kinds  In doing so that opened a door to learn more about the pictures they take of flowers. 

When giving a description of a photo it just didn’t have a nice sounding ring to describe a flower as being pretty with the color of the flower attached to it. Everyone that has ever had a web site knows that somewhere there is a need to provide a description in one form or another. Jaxs and Kim take the challenge to learn more and give better descriptions of the flowers. Their enthusiasm got the attention of David Miller from Glasgow Scotland.

David is an award wining teacher, published composer, FRSA, National Teaching Fellow and Specialist in Emerging Technologies. 

David has a talent of teaching his students integrating knowledge with technology. To creatively combine the two for a more exciting way to reach and encourage students to learn more and think outside of the box.

David once again has an idea to expand his classroom and encourage his students to learn more about the flowers around the world. David wants to use twitter as a teaching platform and encourage people to learn about flowers and in doing so we learn not only flowers but the culture and customs of others. Opening doors to embrace our differences and live in harmony just as the many species of flowers do.

David has launched In Flower on twitter. A world wide photography project of currently flowering plants.

David has invited Jaxs and Kim to participate in his newest project. 

Jaxs and Kim love the idea and has accepted David’s offer. It is their profound hope that others will follow and join the World Flower Project.

You can read more about David Miller at Independent Thinking. 

Creative Images by Jaxs and kim 

Photography Prints

Plumeria is a very fragrant flower in the late afternoon early evening. The fragrance attracts butterflies. Mainly the Skipper butterfly to pollinate it. Plumeria have no pollen and it’s fragrance tricks the butterfly. In the butterflies effort to find the nectar, the butterfly leaves pollen behind from other flowers that are found on the legs of the butterfly. The common name for plumeria is Frangipani. Plumeria is a tropical flower. Pictured is a yellow plumeria.

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