“Love Stinks” Pepe Le Pew & Penelope

Pepe Le Pew is a fictional character created by Chuck Jones. Chuck Jones first introduced the character (originally named Stinky) in the 1945 short Odor-Able Kitty.

Pepe is a French skunk that strolls around Paris looking for love. Pepe is always in pursuit of what appears to be female skunk. She is a black cat with a strip of white paint accidentally painted down her back and is now being aggressively pursued by an amorous Pepe Le Pew. Her name is Penelope Pussycat.

Pepe Le Pew is quite the “Ladies” man not shy at all with the girls. He does have an odor problem and is never aware of it. 

Jaxs and Kim have a lot in common with Pepe Le Pew and Penelope.

Kim will tell you that Jaxs has a lot in common with Pepe. He loves the ladies and is never aware of his odor especially after working around the yard.

Jaxs says that Kim is like Penelope. One Squeakey Cat with bad odors…LOL

To embrace their relationship and the fun they have Jaxs did a farmville design of Pepe Le Pew & Penelope. 

Thank you Chuck Jones (1912-2002).Your memory and creation live on.

Creative Images by Jaxs and Kim 


Rose for you Sweetie


About Nature's Magical Photography by Jaxs Powell

Welcome to my world of Nature's Magical Photography. I started as a kid with a camera I had gotten for my birthday. Nothing expensive just a Kodak Instamatic. Loving the outdoors I found myself loving and exploring the world around me. Through the years a simple camera connected me to earth and all the beauty that is here. It taught me to love everything around me and even myself. The journey to true happiness is learning to love yourself. Nature is truly magical and can certainly connect you to the magic and wonderment of miracles. It can remove the stress in your life and bring peace to your inner self. I have a unique way of seeing the world around me and hope to share my journey with you. Love and Light to all
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