Learning is fun with “The Mystery Rangers” by author Kim G. Jones

Hey kids, parents, grandparents and teachers; Jaxs and Kim have a new friend and her name is Kim G. Jones

Kim G. Jones loves adventure, nature and teaching. She lived the adventure of a National Park Ranger at the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area in Washington. Ranger Kim takes us to The secret view an astounding 360 degree look at what the Mystery Rangers could have seen at the top.  Scroll on the picture to look around! CAREFUL! Don’t get dizzy and fall in!  It’s a LONG way down!

Kim G. Jones has started this really cool hands-on and fun-filled activities in her first book “Mystery Rangers: The Case of the Missing Mountain!”

Kim has a passion for teaching children about God’s creation through hands on activities and games. Her love for God and enthusiasm are contagious. Some of the best teachers are the ones that put the fun into learning and Kim certainly does that. 

Kim also has written scripts for a radio show of “The Mystery Rangers”

“I wrote these episodes to help show kids how exciting and fun it is to learn about God’s Creation,” said script author Kim Jones. “We are new at this and still have lots to learn, but I think kids will have a ‘blast’ listening to the shows!”

Now Ranger Kim makes it possible for you to have fun exploring the mysteries of nature and creation with your children. This is a great way to spend quality time with your children and become an official “Mystery Ranger”. Maybe Ranger Kim will start a “Mystery Ranger” fan club. That would be so cool!

Click here for more cool stuff and updates of the “The Mystery Rangers”


About Nature's Magical Photography by Jaxs Powell

Welcome to my world of Nature's Magical Photography. I started as a kid with a camera I had gotten for my birthday. Nothing expensive just a Kodak Instamatic. Loving the outdoors I found myself loving and exploring the world around me. Through the years a simple camera connected me to earth and all the beauty that is here. It taught me to love everything around me and even myself. The journey to true happiness is learning to love yourself. Nature is truly magical and can certainly connect you to the magic and wonderment of miracles. It can remove the stress in your life and bring peace to your inner self. I have a unique way of seeing the world around me and hope to share my journey with you. Love and Light to all
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