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Welcome to Creative Images by Jaxs and Kim

Jaxs and Kim welcome you to their blog. Creative Images has been in the making for two years.The original idea was to take some pictures and sell them at a cheap rate for desktops and wallpapers.

The daunting task of building a web site began. One problem after another. Promises of templates that would fit our needs and failed miserably. Jaxs and Kim continued to pursue the idea of having a photography web site.

 Jaxs has learned so much about web design. With no professional training or web design classes he does all the work on the site. Jaxs is self taught.

Kim has had some web design classes few years ago. She doesn’t remember too much and her notes on designing a web page were left behind in Michigan. Kim moved to Florida in March of 2009.

Please feel free to visit our website.

                                         Creative Images by Jaxs and Kim


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